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Picture This! Your Business On Facebook

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What is Facebook? If you haven’t heard of Mark Zuckerberg, chances are that you have been living under a rock for the past 3 years. Synchronized Designs, a Carlisle social media company can help you engage your customers over Facebook business pages

When Facebook was born, it was originally intended for college kids.  Thanks to Facebook’s growing popularity, all that has changed. Did you know the 65% of Facebook users are 25 and older? The fastest demographic on Facebook continues to be 55+. With over 500 million users worldwide, over 50% of those users log on every day whether it’s through their home computer, mobile device or tablet. Meanwhile  in just 20 minutes a day, over 1 million links are shared. 48% of young people admit to getting their news, advice and shopping information directly through Facebook and newsfeeds. I guess you could say that we are OBSESSED with Facebook! We found this cool video to show how dependent we have become on one of the most popular Social Media sites, we call Facebook.


Why do I need a Facebook for my business? Today, many businesses are creating a Facebook presence, Depending on your social media goals, Facebook has proven to be one of the smartest platforms that can be used for allow your business reach potential clients. It’s very easy to create your Facebook and update your site with coupons, special announcements and news. You can share all types of information in almost any type of format. You can upload photos, share videos, link to any site destination, write on other users’ walls and even recommend pages or businesses for your friends to like and share. Did you know that Facebook also helps with search engine optimization and will help you rank you higher in popular search engines?

Get a Facebook Page! The return and value of having a Facebook page is both priceless and endless. Contact Synchronized Designs to help you get started with a Facebook page for your business. We can help you from creation to execution. Our hands on experts will show you how to link your blog to Facebook as well how to integrate other popular social media accounts to your business such as Twitter, Linked In and G+. We can help you step by step to have users like your profile as well keep your posts fresh and updated!

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Why are Expandable Web Banners All the Rage?

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Have you ever been to a website and had a web banner open up and distract you from what you were originally reading?

These intrusive banners are hitting the web by storm. The expandable banner does not play by the rules of your traditional web banners. These banners expand when you roll over or click on them to show more advertising content. You’ve probably seen them on popular sites like Yahoo! or MSN. They come in all different sizes including the most popular size of 728×90 that expands to 728×500. When these banners are designed, there are two entirely separate graphics that are created. One design that includes the non-expanded form and the other design that includes the expanded portion. The benefit of an expandable web banner is that they take up more real estate on websites and prompts the user for their interaction.

Synchronized Designs now features the design and creation of these popular expandable web banners. We have partnered with several customers out in the Chambersburg, PA, Hagerstown, MD and Christianburg, VA area in creating advertisements that work! We also design and create traditional web banners of all shapes and sizes.

Contact us today for more information on expandable web banners and pricing! Also don’t forget to check out our services page to see other ways that we can partner to help you grow with your advertising campaigns.

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Synchronized Designs’ Google Fun: Let It Snow

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Search Engine Optimization by Synchronized Designs, a Chambersburg website design companySynchronized Designs, a Chambersburg website design company, is taking a 30-second break to enjoy this new Google Easter Egg. This Google trick is the closest we’re going to get to a white Christmas. According to the Weather Channel, Shippensburg and Chambersburg, PA may see a few snow flurries the day after Christmas.

If you’d like to try it, open up Google Chrome and type “let it snow” into the Google search. Your computer screen will turn into a winter wonderland. After a few seconds, the Google window will be covered in snow. At that point, you can either click “defrost,” or you can play in the snow and draw doodles, your own version of an internet snow angel!

Share your snow doodles with us on our Facebook page.

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E-book store opened for eGenco LLC

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eGenCo LLC. received a customized online store for selling books and e-books. eGenco LLC. provides assistance, from start to finish, for authors publishing, promoting and selling their books in various formats.

The eGenco LLC. store provides direct links for book and e-book purchase/downloads for each of their clients. File formats include: Kindle, iPad, Nook, and Adobe Digital Edition software.

If you are an aspiring author and would like assistance publishing and promoting your book, eGenCo LLC. and Synchronized Designs can help.

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BAM Magic Kits

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We created two brand new magic kits for the BAM Magic Merchandize line. These kits will teach over 10 incredible illusions. Illusionist Brett A. Myers will visually show you step-by-step how to do these amazing effects. Video instructions are available for download online through the hidden link found inside your kit.

Using a variety of amazing effects, Brett tells how he overcame fear, anxiety, and depression and how he discovered the true source of peace and fulfillment. His desire is to create environments that inspire life-change and challenge a person’s perception of reality in a world of illusion.

These brand new kits be available for purchasing beginning mid-October. Visit www.bammagic.com for a tour schedule of where Brett will be.

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